Thursday 14 March 2013

My favourite time of the day

A beam of light falls across her face, her hair sticks to her forehead lightly wet with sweat. A few feet away, a smaller lump under a swathe of pink hearts rises and falls, the only noise is the hum of a quiet snore. I brush the damp hair away from her eyes.

I quietly flick the switch and back out of the room.

Slowly pulling down the handle, silver and cool in my hand, I pray that the click doesn't startle him. I tip-toe in and he snuffles and rolls over, sighing deeply before his shoulders return to their rhythmic movement. I tuck his grubby puppy under his soft, white chubby elbow. Standing in the  for a moment to soak in the peacefulness of his sleepy twitches, no doubt dreaming about his adventures in the sand.

I pull the door shut with a soft thud. My shoulders and back muscles ripple with relaxation. As the reality that another day is done takes over my body.

I collapse on the couch, an involuntary groan escapes from both my lips and the lounge. The heaviness of the day weighing me down. My head falls back and my eyes close shut for minute, before slowly opening.

The walls of the lounge room flickers a million different colours as the remote scoots past cooking shows, news channels and sit coms. I stretch out and let out a sigh that says a million different things.

What's your favourite time of the day?


  1. beautiful thoughtful poetic reflections on the everyday rinno... xxx

  2. The early morning hours when I sit with coffee and laptop as the whole house continues to slumber.

    Lovely post Corinne!

  3. Oh I love the descriptions Corinne, a beautiful post... can almost feel that relief... as I actually DO feel every night after the boy's bedtime. And I'm with you, it's my favourite time of day xo


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