Thursday 28 March 2013

El Loco

I think out of everything that you can do for yourself, sleep is number one. Get a few hours of solid sleep a night and you can tackle the world. Don't? Well, the craziness of sleep deprivation can set in.

Sleep deprivation and I are no strangers, in fact, you might say we're good mates. Well, actually, not so much good mates as well-worn companions. If I can get 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night, I'm going well and can cope with life as normal, though at present that's rare.

The past six-and-a-half years three months, my sleep has been broken and limited, which is painful. The past week has been more woeful. The past two nights, almost non-existent.

On Tuesday night (the wee hours of Wednesday morning) I found myself woken again and then emailing for a number of hours, trying to sort out issues back home. So a grand total of 3 hours of sleep of an hour here and an hour there. Last night was the same, an hour at the start of the night and then two hours at the end of the night due to an insomniac baby boy who was just wide awake for hours. So six hours in the past 55 or so hours, means I'm feeling particularly loco today.

Life goes on though and there are kids to collect from school, shopping to be done, dinners to be made, baths to be done, questions to be answered and maybe, just maybe they'll be a few hours of slumber as a sweet reward (let's face it, probably not). The knock-on effects of not sleeping properly touch every part of your every day life. I'm snappy at the kids and Skip. I'm not a fun person to be around. I make mistakes and bad judgement calls.

But I'm just one of many, many people not sleeping soundly. I often feel though, life would be so, so different if all my family could catch a few solid zzzs every night. I know life would be a lot more technicoloured.

I didn't want to write a post today because I feel completely crap and completely loopy. To be honest, I feel like I want to throw up. Then I thought, stuff it, I may as well write what I feel.

What about you? Is sleep an issue? How much sleep do you need to feel tip top?


  1. Oh Corinne. Lack of sleep sounds awful, and even on bad days I don't think mine are that bad. I hope you can sort something out - even if it's just someone who can look after D for a few hours so you can nap during the day. As I'm sure you know, sleep deprivation is a well known form of torture...

  2. Sleep is ALWAYS an issue here. Same as you guys. We get the occasional night - maybe once in every couple of MONTHS where we will have uninterrupted sleep. But it's SO rare. On the odd time I am away from the girls - I sleep terribly too. Most of the time I feel the same way. It makes you resentful, and angry and bitter and yes, sick. I often wonder what we do wrong. Why ours just can't do it. And there's no reason, it's the way people are made up. Imagine having kids that slept every night, all night? IMAGINE. I fantasise about that ALL the time. Hang in there Corinne. One day...ONE DAY it might just click. X

    1. i hope it clicks one day, Beth. It's gotta bloody one day,xx


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