Monday 17 December 2012

Hitting the wall

This time last week I was spent. I can't remember feeling so exhausted or unmotivated in a really long time. We'd just come back from Austria so that definitely contributed, it was a great trip but it was tiring. I also had a bit of a bug, which didn't help matters. I think I was also feeling like the past four or five months had finally caught up with me. There has been so much going on, learning new things, carving out a new life, worrying about the kids, worrying about Skip.

It all culminated with me crashing. So, one day last week when Darbs went for a nap, I lay down and slept too, which I never do. That's how I knew I wasn't myself.

Slowly but surely I'm starting to feel normal again.


It's just a week until Christmas and I'm yet to buy a gift! Eep. It's strange being away from family and home at Christmas time. It will be a very intimate affair this year with just our little family and my mum. Some friends have already journeyed home for the holidays, so it will be a quiet time. Of course, Skip will have to work through it all too. It's just a normal week over here. So I am feeling twinges of missing people. Of missing long BBQs in the sun. Of missing January in Sydney, which is my favourite time of year in Sydney. Of catching up with loved ones.

I am looking forward to showing my mum around our new home and Skip's mum when she arrives just after Christmas.


Despite living in a Muslim country, we had a very festive weekend, starting on Friday with Skip's 'end of year' party. It was for the whole family and the kids got to go on jumping castles and play games and have their faces painted. It was the first Christmas party I've ever been to where there were no drinks!

Then on Saturday we went to a tree trimming party, where we gave and received tree ornaments.

Today, Goosey had her winter concert. She's been rehearsing for months and sang "Rocking around the Palm Tree" and "Jingle Bells" (the quintessential Christmas song that doesn't actually mention Christmas).

I hope the festive season is treating you well.


  1. I have been wondering how you all are. Glad to hear you are having the mums over.
    It takes some getting used to, but there is a lot to be said for the quiet family Christmas, very relaxing.
    Merry Christmas mate. xx

  2. Glad you are feeling better Corinne, parenting and feeling behind the eight ball is never fun!
    I didn't realise how different Chrsitmas was over there, definitely interested in learning more about it now. Love the idea of exchanging ornaments.
    Look after yourself xoxox

  3. Yep, a good day nap can work wonders... I never used to have them either, but this year, I steal the odd half hour when I can. It will be incredibly surreal for you this year I imagine, nice to have your Mama there though. Sounds like the kids are having a ball, which is lovely for them, they certainly won't feel their missing out on anything. Enjoy the low key Christmas celebrations xo


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