Wednesday 26 December 2012

And so that was Christmas

Christmas Day is done and dusted. Boxing Day is just another day here in the mid east. Skip is back at work. No lying on the couch eating leftovers and watching the Test or the yacht race. No backyard barbie with mates. Oh well, what do you do? We have plenty of other perks over here to make up for it, but you do miss those special moments and traditions.

Christmas Day was nice. The kids were up in the fives, wrapping paper flying everywhere. There was a lot of excitement and a couple of tears. The girls cleaned up with their presents, after very lean birthdays this year, we decided to splurge a little. Poor old Darbs didn't do quite as well but he was pretty pleased with his haul and had so much fun playing with his new toys.

I was very spoilt with some new PJs and nightie. A new scarf/wrap which is very handy over here for quick modesty cover ups. I even got a 'Number 1 Mum' badge. I was then completely stunned and thrilled when Skip presented me with some serious bling for my ears (after agreeing not to buy each other anything). Spoilt, indeed.

In Dubai, most of the big hotels will do takeaway Christmas dinners. With Skip just having the one day off, we decided to save time and stress (and let's face it, he does most of the big dinners) and ordered in. There was enormous turkey with all the trimmings, mince pies, pecan pies, pudding, cookies, even bon-bons. We ate all day, reminsiced about Christmas last year and having no idea where we would end up, wondering where we'll be next year. Then worked the turkey through as we watched the kids play on their new scooters. We will now be eating Turkey for the rest of the week, any good leftover ideas?

We chatted to friends and family on Skype and saw them in jumpers shivering in the cool Sydney Christmas weather.

We then collapsed in a food coma on the couch.

It was a nice day, it felt different from Christmas at home, but not in a bad way. It was so nice not to have to cook or traipse all over town.

I hope your Christmas day lived up to your expectations and that it was fun and stress-free.


  1. It all sounds quite lovely Corinne, despite missing loved ones and loved traditions. Yes, the weather was atrocious here in Sydney, rainy and cold ALL day, very unChristmas like. Glad you were spoilt, you deserve to be. I was spoilt too, receiving an iPad from Scott, I am already in love with it.
    Super cute pic of your little man, getting so big now xoxo

  2. Sounds absolutely lovely. And wow, look at D - so grown up! We had a lovely christmas, and are now preparing for A's birthday tomorrow - 13 - how on earth did that happen? xx

    1. I can't believe A will be 13! I seriously remember when she was 3! I hope you and she enjoys the day! Xx


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