Monday 7 November 2016

The Butterfly Effect

The skies above Brisbane at the moment are filled with the fluttering white wings of butterflies. Where ever you look they are fluttering here and there above the trees and bushes. It's quite something. Apparently it's an annual butterfly migration, but one this big only happens every decade or so.

Last week, the kids were invited to a friend's house and they told us of a butterfly tree they'd found in the reserve behind their home. So, of course we set off into the bush looking for it. Setting off down the dirt track, it wasn't long before we could see hundreds and thousands of flapping white wings over this one tree. The lady who showed us the tree had lived there 16 years and said she'd never seen anything quite like it. 

The kids were mesmerised, as was I, it was amazingly lovely. 

As I look at all these insects fluttering over our heads, I think of the butterfly effect. Are all these tiny fluttering wings above a sign of change to come? Do their tiny wings herald a big change ahead?
I'm not sure that I believe one tiny event can change the whole course of our life, I would really like to believe in destiny and that we'll end up where we're supposed to be whatever path we take. But can it? Can one tiny action or event change everything for ever? Can we see it if it does?

This makes me think about change and why things are always evolving. The past short while, I have had this stomach-churning feeling that change is on its way. (Now don't see this as a read into anything about American politics, because whatever happens will happen there, this is more for me). Although, in my recent life, change has been constant, so maybe I'm just used to constant change. I don't know. I'm a person who goes on gut instinct and I just feel something is on its way. I'm hopeful it's good. In fact, I'm hopeful that it's wonderful. Or maybe I'm just hungry! 

Knowing that I'm powerless to change other people or things (as much as I'd like to at times), I'm focusing on making change in myself good, as that's all I can do. So, I try my best to be there for my little family. Be honest and good to myself. Be positive. Be true. I figure, whatever happens or if nothing happens, then it's not a bad way to live. 

In the meantime, I'll enjoy the spectacular show of wings overhead. 


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