Thursday 3 November 2016


Moving and having to set up all over again definitely isn't easy. Putting yourself out there, making small talk, trying to find 'connection' is pretty tiring. It's also way out of my natural comfort zone.

I have found it far more difficult to do it here in Brisbane than in Dubai. Here people aren't as receptive to new friends. But I feel like in the past week or so, I have turned a corner. Now when I walk up to school pick up I have people who yell out "Hello!" and stop for a chat. Ask how I got on with something. It really makes a difference.

Feeling alone and feeling lonely are awful feelings. Unfortunately Skip has to travel for work a lot, which doesn't help and I really miss him being around. It's also hard for Skip when he's been working all day and then coming home to a wife who wants to chat, chat, chat, when he's already been talking all day. Of course, I light up with excitement when he gets home, when all he wants to do is chill out for a while.

We had visitors last night from Sydney and it's always fantastic when people come visit. Of course, though, I ramble on with rubbish just because I'm so excited to have actual adults to converse with! So much excitement on my behalf they'll probably won't want to return for some time!

Hopefully, this is the start of building new friendships and the lonesome feelings will disappear.


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