Sunday, 1 June 2014

Desert dwelling

In my part of the world everything is winding up. The school year is almost at an end, as I pulled into the car park this morning it felt empty, many families already flying out to escape the summer heat.

Over the past couple of weeks the temperature has risen and it's officially hot. Everyday above 40 (by this time next week it will be 45 degrees), the humidity rising, a midday outing outside unthinkable. As of today, summer is officially here.

Some friends are putting their furniture on Dubizzle (the Dubai equivalent of eBay) getting ready to leave the UAE forever; others are just packing up for the summer months and getting ready to go "home" to cooler climes and family.

We are planning to wave goodbye to everyone and sweat it out here for the summer. Maybe a break away for a week or two somewhere, but for the most part we'll be desert dwellers. Summer camps to fill the day; early morning swims in a chilled pool; arts & crafts; movies; anything away from the blazing sun. It will be interesting to see how we cope with a full Dubai summer.

The kids have that end-of-school year fatigue, struggling to get going in the morning, ready for a break. Before then we've got end of year performances, certificate ceremonies, farewells and parties to fit in.

Deep breath and go!


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