Monday 12 May 2014

Searching faces

This morning I had two daughters performing in two assemblies that just happened to be scheduled at the same time. Nightmare.

After speaking to the teachers, one assured me that their performance would be done early and quickly, while the other assured me they'd be running late. Not feeling confident, I assured the girls that I'd do my best to make it to both. And I did.

As I watched at both assemblies, I saw two little blonde-haired girls searching the crowd worried and hopeful to see their mum. That same moment of relief when they sighted me and a smile spread across their face and a little wave (even though they weren't supposed to wave while on stage).

Seeing that searching face has to be one of my favourite parts of being a mum. Knowing that they want you there, need you there so much. Essentially that performance is just for you. The pride in having you there to watch them is wonderful.

I'll miss these performances/shows/assemblies as they grow up. I'll miss seeing the precious little face searching the audience looking for me and then singing every word directly to me. So for now, I'll run between school halls, knocking over teachers, if I have to just to be there.

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