Tuesday 31 December 2013

New things in 2014

It's the last day of 2014 and I've been inspired by dear, lovely friend Linda of Pink Patent Mary Janes to list 52 new things I want to do in 2014, rather than do new year resolutions.

I like the idea of a list of new things to do and try, it's so much more positive than a list resolutions of things not to do.


So let's take it away (and I apologise Linda if I unintentionally, or intentionally, steal some of your ideas).

  1. I've been thinking recently how it's time to take on some work or train myself for new work. Then today I was approached to do some work for a really good magazine. Surprising to be approached and not chase after it!
  2. Take Arabic classes.
  3. Be more adventurous and go exploring with Darbs when the girls are at school.
  4. Join a sporting or social club.
  5. Meet more friends (see point 4).
  6. Plan and execute at least 3 trips overseas this year. 
  7. Read more novels.
  8. Go on more dates with Skip.
  9. Try new restaurants (instead of old faithfuls).
  10. Spend more time one-on-one with each kid.
  11. Exercise at least three times a week.
  12. Learn to cook Arabic food.
  13. Listen to some new music each month.
  14. Visit a Filipino restaurant.
  15. Go to the hairdresser before the situation is completely dire. 
  16. Entertain more at home.
  17. Do something charitable each month.
  18. Visit the camel races.
  19. Buy a piece of art.
  20. Have more weekends away.
  21. Go camping.
  22. Walk more (instead of driving, no easy feat in Dubai)
  23. Do more fun stuff with Darbs when he's at home during the day.
  24. Bake bread/pizza bases/etc.
  25. Learn how to make Umm Ali (and Arabic dessert).
  26. Sit down and write more emails home.
  27. Call friends and family more.
  28. Find fun and healthy things that my kids will actually eat.
  29. Cook more with the kids.
  30. Find a new hobby that's just for me.
  31. Find a hobby for the whole family.
  32. Play tennis.
  33. Give out more compliments.
  34. Find ways to eat more vegetables.
  35. Eat good quality chocolate (instead of crap).
  36. Make something (art/craft, etc)
  37. Buy more plants.
  38. Grow something we can eat.
  39. Talk positively about myself.
  40. Take more photos with me in them.
  41. Throw a big party.
  42. Do something that scares me (I definitely stole this one from Linda and love it).
  43. Read more international current affairs.
  44. Blog more.
  45. Play music instead of watch TV
  46. Go to the movies at least 3 times (and not see a kids movie).
  47. Make Skip laugh every day.
  48. Have one completely lazy day and do absolutely nothing.
  49. Have a full day out in Dubai from sun up until sun down.
  50. Help a stranger.
  51. Put every effort in to make a dream realised.
  52. Do one fun thing as a family every week.

So that's it! Exciting! Bring on 2014….

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