Friday 27 December 2013

A Christmas wrap

And so that was Christmas? And what have you done?

We had a lovely quiet time - eating, drinking and eating some more.

The kids fell into bed on Christmas Eve and were (amazingly) asleep quickly. I heard some noise at about 2.30am and I got up to inspect when I found the girls up with their bedroom light on, waiting to open their pressies. After a quick talking to and quite a bit of settling they went back to sleep until 6am.

There was then a flurry of wrapping paper and "oohs" and "ahhs". Everyone was very spoilt, I received a gorgeous handbag that I first spotted and coveted more than a year ago in Austria, as well as a beauty voucher and a gorgeous Georg Jensen dish. What did you receive? 

The girls received iPod shuffles and have been pounding their eardrums with Katy Perry and Taylor Swift ever since. We've been subjected to off-key warblings of "we areeeeeee never getting back togetherrrrr" ever since. 

The boy got an array of vehicles - cars, trains, bikes - but it's a small Lightening McQueen that stole his heart and has not left his grasp since Christmas morning.

Our turkey lunch was delicious and (fairly) stress free. We've had quite a few round of the big bird and with a friend, who's good on the tooth, have ensured that we're done leftovers. The highlight of Chrissy lunch was looking over and seeing a gappy Lil who'd lost her front tooth in a turkey and gravy roll. Which meant Santa one night, the tooth fairy the next! 

There have also been Scrabble games, Ashes watched at 5am, car drives and walks, trips to the beach, reading books while kids play with new toys. All in all a pretty good few days. 

The festivities continue today and Skip and I are going to sneak out for a tasty
lunch of sushi and French bubbles. 

I hope you're having a top festive season too. Tell me what you've been up to?


  1. Sounds like you all had a lovely time.

  2. Oh it sounds like you had a truly lovely few days rinno - capped off with a champagne treat! I wish id been there to give you all a big Christmas hug! But I was thinking of you... and happy to hear that lil got her Christmas wish... from the tooth fairy! I was all about the rain on Christmas day here in Sydney! So no beach. But we still managed a bbq at lunch time followed by presents and a good rest on the couch! all in all a lovely day xxx


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