Friday 8 April 2016

All around the world, you gotta spread the word

Well, well, well life has changed dramatically since I last wrote here. We left Dubai, spent two months travelling and have just relocated to Brisbane. So you know, just a little movement.

To say we're unsettled is an understatement. Leaving Dubai fairly quickly, travelling pretty much since Christmas and relocating to a brand-new city will do that to you. I feel spent. But! Life is an adventure and if you don't take the new road (even if it's strange, unfamiliar and bumpy) you don't reap the rewards. So while the hiccups are annoying, while many a freezing cold day I've had to drag kids literally out the door, while there have been tears and questions, I wouldn't change it. The challenge of change and uprooting your life can be immensely stressful and exhausting in so many ways. Fear of the unknown, fear of making a "wrong move" can be immense, so immense that it had the potential of stopping you do anything. I'm living proof that throwing yourself blindly into the deep end can be the best thing you ever do.

This I have to remind myself of. That the work will pay off. I keep telling the kids that the next little while will be scary and nerve wrecking, it also might be wonderful.

Looking back on my life, it's the not-so-easy moments that make the memories - losing the car keys in a massive wave; crashing a car in the Italian countryside and arriving at our Tuscan villa late at night with no food; missing a flight and having to drive for hours to make a special Christmas; a flat tyre on the first day of school, getting stuck in the door of the Paris metro; smashing a windscreen in South Australian desert days late to meet friends. Recently my aunt was scammed $40 by a taxi driver in Rio, my brother said it was a cheap price to pay for a cracking travel story to tell for years to come.

A carefully curated life on social media may seem appealing for five seconds, but that's forgettable, I want a life full of bumps and potholes. Of getting over things, past things, conquering things, interspersed with moments of peace, fun and laughter.

So while we transition into our new life, I promise to tell you some tales of the past few months. Of the amazingly wonderful moments we've had and of transitioning to a new life. Of the tedious, crap "I can't believe that happened" moments. Why letting the fear of making a wrong choice dictate your life is the wrong choice to make.

I will try and find more moments to write here.


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