Saturday 8 August 2015

Whatsappening in August

A few people have (no so subtlety) asked me recently when I was going to blog again. I wasn't sure. I wasn't sure if I wanted to even blog again. Sometimes you run out of things to say, sometimes you get sick of the sound of your own voice. Sometimes you edit yourself to the point where you wonder, well what's the point? I've had a lot of stories in my head recently, but they're not really for this blog and maybe that's just it! Maybe all these stories in my head need a new home and different space to play.

Yet, here I am typing so let's see what happens.

We are in yet another Dubai summer. Hot, dusty, humid, sweaty, oppressive summer. Quiet. Hibernation. Not much else to do but stay inside. Most of the city away in their 'home' countries, except for the Australians. For the Australians it's always the same - too far and too expensive and the wrong time of year to visit 'home', so it's a few weeks somewhere else and then sweat out the summer, swearing they'll never do it again (until next summer).

It's a strange time of year. You see Facebook posts of friends in the UK and then messages from other friends who are in Italy on their way to Scotland or in Russia on their way to Italy. You Whatsapp a friend you think is in town for a catchup and get a reply of 'Sorry! We're in Pakistan, we came back at the last minute won't be back until the end of the month.'

The other night I had a messages back and forth from a friend who is in Lebanon. She decided it was time to show her kids the place of her birth. There was talk of tanks and beaches and boredom and kidnapping. All as I lay in my bed and she sat in a hotel room 'that isn't four star' in a black out. A few weeks previously she messaged me as I lay in a tent in an Irish field in the pelting rain and she was in air conditioned comfort in Dubai. It can be surreal!

As August wears on there will be more messages, but they will start to be "We're back! It's soooooo hot! I forgot how hot. Are you around to catch up?" and "What day does school start again? Is it Tuesday or Wednesday? PS: It's so hot!"

As August wears on the kids will complain more and more every time I mention going to the pool or the mall. They may even get excited by the prospect of returning to school.

So I don't know if this qualifies as a blog post. But there  you go. I might even do it again. Crazier things have happened!


  1. Definitely qualifies Corinne! And so so good to see a post from you :) I really miss some of the old bloggers I used to read about so regularly. I am 'endeavouring' to write more myself.
    Sounds like you're experiencing the kinda weather I'd like to be in right now. It is so cold in Sydney this Winter. Freezing cold mornings. Though we did have a random 25 degrees last Sunday, that was a nice glimpse of Spring. Hope you don't get driven too mad by the constant requests & bickering from the kids. Before you know it they'll be back into the grind of some ways I find that more stressful! Take care & please keep writing :) xo

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely message! I really appreciate it. True, once school has been back a few weeks I'll be longing for lazy days. xx

  2. haha. you sound like me! I feel like a casual blogger just trying it on for size again! But its lovely to see and hear from you on this space xxx

  3. Another reader who checks in every day to see if you have posted....

    1. Oh wow, that's very kind! I'm surprised anyone remembers me!

  4. I just sent you a long overdue email. I hope your email address is the same!


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