Wednesday 1 April 2015

Spring into action

We're in the middle of spring break here. The kids have two weeks off school and it was definitely needed. With the long summer break we get long stretches of school term, this one was 12 weeks and my little ones were definitely exhausted. I think after our trip back to Australia, they started the term exhausted! The past few weeks there have been cranky kids galore and more tears than I thought possible.

We have been taking things fairly slow in the mornings, but the rest of the day has been jammed-packed catching up with school friends and soaking up the outdoors. On Sunday, we spent 6 hours playing at the park. Six hours! The weather was just bliss and the kids were having 'the best day ever' so we just stayed. It's almost like you can hear the tock of the clock ticking closer to summer and being unable to get outdoors for anything length of time, we're certainly making the most of it.

The girls went and saw Cinderella at the movies with a friend and then there was another picnic in the park, but with the temperature pushing 38 degrees we didn't spend another 6 hours in the park this time.

It really is the best time of year in Dubai, the weather is perfect. If you're ever thinking of making a trip here, late March/early April is the time to do it.

This morning everyone was moving even more slowly, relaxation taking over, so we spent the morning splashing in the pool and the afternoon pottering around the house, reading and watching telly.

Next week will be a rinse and repeat of this week and then we'll be ready to tackle the last term of school for this academic year as well as a brief trip home to Australia!


  1. So guess early June is going to be a heat explosion for me??!! haha xxx

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  3. Beautiful looking pool Corinne. Perfect place for beating that Dubai heat & also to relax & unwind...something we could all stand to do a lot more of! Hope all is well? xo


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