Monday 1 September 2014

Summer marathon

Last minute school holiday fun of glow in the dark mini golf. 

Slowly the car park at Spinneys (the local supermarket) has been filling up again. Gone are the days when I could take my pick of a spot. The queues are returning at the check out. The malls too seem a little fuller. There are a few more people in the food courts and the play centres. You can hear: "How was your summer?" being asked around the place. People are returning to Dubai, getting ready to start another year. 

New school uniforms hang crisp and white in the cupboard. Fresh pencil cases with new pencils, sharpeners and rubbers lie in clean new back packs. Fees have been paid. 

After weeks of feeling the like the lone family in our desert city, familiar numbers are popping up on my phone. Messages requesting playdates and catch ups. Stories exchanged and "Boy, isn't it hot?" shared. 

Two more sleeps until the 6am rush begins. Rushed breakfasts, getting dressed and out the door by 7.10am. Two more sleeps until the bell rings, the anthem is sung and another school year begins. 

There are been tears and nervous tummies aplenty this week, along with excitement. Eleven weeks is a long time between school days. 

There has been intense boredom and frustration here this summer. There have been fights and aggravation. There has been talking back and attitude. There has also been a lot of fun and a lot of closeness. Door slamming and yelling has been booked ended with cuddles and whispers of ''I love you".

I feel nervous for the girls and they are thrown into another year. Meeting new teachers and classmates. Their school has swelled to almost 2000 students, so they are very little fish in a very big pond. 

The next two days will a be a mix of getting ready, having some last minute fun and sighing relief.


  1. Wow Corinne, I find that fascinating the girls are in a school of 2000! Makes our school of 800 not seem so big after all...and we find it overwhelming at times. 11 weeks too, that is an awful long time for mama AND kids, you deserve a medal and a nice, long lunch to yourself...and Darbs no doubt :) Love that shot of glow golf, how cool, my boys would LOVE that xoxo

    1. Yes, it's a big school primary and secondary school. While it is big, it actually doesn't feel that big, although there are a lot more students this academic year so we'll see.
      I think a long lunch is in order! xx

  2. Beautiful wtiting as always rinno. Reminds me of my first days of school for the new year. I hope the girls settled in well and had a good first week xx


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