Tuesday 19 August 2014

Two years...

This week marks two years of living in Dubai. Wow. It's gone really fast, but so much has happened and changed in that time. The kids have grown up and Dubai has become home.

I re-read my first post upon our arrival and it made me chuckle. So wide-eyed and naive.

It's funny as much as Dubai has become home and I feel comfortable here, there's still so much I'm still learning about this place and still so much that's new, wonderful and interesting. I get frustrated at parts of it, but at the same time I am still amazed by other parts.

Who knows how long we'll live in our adopted home, but here we are!


  1. Two. Years. Wow Corinne, that blows my mind. I remember when you left to go very clearly. And maybe it's because I haven't been blogging for a while, but heck, that still feels like it has gone fast. Such a fab adventure, you should feel super proud of yourselves for making it work...and especially you as a mama of three starting afresh in a whole new world, well done :) xo


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