Thursday 31 October 2013

Who needs a reason to celebrate?

It's almost the weekend (in Dubai at least) and it's Halloween. This morning I sent my little fairies off to school so excited and all dressed up (one was Tinkerbell, the other one of Enid Blyton's Tom Thumb Fairies; no scary costumes allowed only book characters were the school's instructions).

Seeing the Cinderellas, Sleeping Beauties, Harry Potters and Pirates from all four corners of the globe made me smile. It reminded me of this post I wrote last year.

I love the multicultural aspect of living in Dubai and this weekend is the perfect example.
Tonight we'll join some friends for a street party and then go trick'o'treating. Tomorrow after a good friend's birthday party we'll check out the lights that people have hung on their homes for Diwali (Hindu festival of lights). We'll then indulge in a three-day weekend in honour of Hijri (Islamic New Year). Skip will also enjoy that more secular celebration of Formula 1 (it may not be spiritual but it's fairly significant to him!)

As I looked at my Facebook feed this morning it was filled with a mix of people excited about and despairing over Halloween. It's a divisive topic in Australia! My thoughts? I'm happy to dive into any celebration that brings the community together and, most importantly, puts a smile on my kids' faces. Since living in Dubai we've celebrated many events that don't have any spiritual, national or traditional significance to us, but it's been a wonderful way to meet friends, build a community and hey, it's fun!

Enjoy your celebrations this weekend, whatever you celebrate.


  1. so true rin. Community engagement is the most important thing, as so much of what we do these days involves individual activities, dreams, goals and pursuits. And if your lucky - time with your family and friends. Things dont have to be taken seriously - but having a coversation with someone new is always a good thing... and worth celebrating! x

  2. We always have a fun time in our cul de sac with a bunch of kids going from house to house (my neighbour sends out balloons and people tie them out at the front if they are happy for the kids to visit.) The lollies are too plentiful, but it's a nice community event for us.


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